Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10211 Grand Emporium Box Art

This exclusive set will be the 5th modular building and it has a cafe corner type of building. It has an outside details: Life in the street, people carrying groceries, ice-cream stall, mail box, litter bin, flowers. Window cleaner busy cleaning the third floor windows. "Shop" written in LEGO bricks. Access to building through revolving door.

The first floor will include: Clothing department with fitting room, window models, clothes, hats, perfume, etc. for sale. Cash register isle. Continue to second and third floor via built escalator.
Second floor: Tableware for sale.
Third floor: Great built chandelier. Toys department with built scooter and "Creator house".
Roof with billboard and skylight. Seven mini-figures. Lots of built details and rare elements.

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