Sunday, March 23, 2008

Brick Journal

A magazine for LEGO Fans

Either you are an adult LEGO fan or just a kid who love LEGO so much this is a must have magazine.
Brickjournal 2008 volume 1 is available for purchase.
Brickjournal 2008 volume 2 is available for purchase.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ironman the greatest LEGO super hero figure in brickshelf

This is how Ironman will be look like in LEGO
Master LEGO builder Afro build this Ironman figure and it proved that he is a very talented artist, you have to see it yourself to believe it. I found this picture from brickshelf with some other LEGO that he created.

World War II LEGO

A very good world war II MOC
I found this world war II jeep MOC on a forum. Yul karel post this picture and I'm very impressed by his creativity on this MOC, It's very simple but looks great. I would like to see more LEGO WWII from him. Good work Yul!!

Bible Story in LEGO

Brick Testament
A friend of mine told me that there's a LEGO illustrated bible in the web so I search the internet and found this You should see this illustrated bible, it's enjoyable & made from LEGO! I think Rev. Brendan Powell Smith is a great LEGO artist. I would like to interview him about the making of Brick Testament.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Arms dealer for LEGO minifigs - Brickarms

Arms dealer for LEGO minifigs
If you are looking for non LEGO standard weaponry you can check BrickArms. They can help you build your private army with everything you need, from the superadvanced Colonial Marines' Xeno Pulse Rifles to NATO's G36 Assault Rifles to vintage German Rocket Propeller Grenade launchers, PPK pistols with Brausch silencers and Magnum revolvers. If your private army is a bunch of LEGO minifigs, start to make a list.

10185: Green Grocer

Amazing details and design!
Expand your LEGO neighborhood or start a new one with the Green Grocer! Designed in a modular style, this colorful and lively building features a grocery store and classic apartments that can be built, rebuilt and rearranged to suit your own LEGO town. Detailed architecture includes realistic interior, courtyard access, a roof terrace and fire escape, lots of windows and doors, and much more!
Build a street layout by combining Green Grocer with 10190 Market Street and 10182 Café Corner!
Grocery store features a blue and white awning, cash register, bins for bread, vegetables and fruit, refrigerator and tiled floor!
Apartments have lots of details like bay windows, fireplace with tools, grandfather clock and windows that open to the fire escape!
Stairs lead up to the apartments and to the roof terrace!
Roof terrace has chairs, umbrellas, grill and flowers!
Check the mailboxes for letters!
Fire escape ladders move up and down!
Access the courtyard behind the building!
Street features lampost, fire hydrant and light fixtures!
Includes 4 townspeople minifigures, plus a cat and rat!

Monday, March 10, 2008

4996 : Beach House

Build a house on the beach!
This set is a must have. If you need more buildings in your city, this is a good set to get. It's minifigure size too bad it came without any minifigs and you get only two rooms in the house, one is the down stairs which also contains a fireplace and the other one upstairs which connects to the balcony. I noticed it came with new doors & windows,a very pretty design and on the outside there's a barbecuing area with the grill and chicken, a patio with table, umbrella and chairs! Realistic details include mailbox, doorbell, flowers, walkway, light fixtures, chimey, tree and lots of windows!